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Total Solution
for Brand Owners

We develop customised products that always meet our customers’ specifications and the stringent regulatory requirements of the dairy industry.

Infant Formula

Fortified Milk Powder

  • Child
  • Family
  • Adult Functional
  • Senior Support

Organic & Halal

Cow, Goat & Sheep

    Packaging Range

    • 99mm & 127mm CANS




    Fast Response and Low MOQs

    our customer service and attention to your needs is second to none. We meet your needs for rapid commercialisation of new projects, low MOQs for trials and to ensure the freshest inventory for your customers.

    Product Development

    Our product development services incorporate every aspect of formulating and launching a new product – from research and testing to production and packaging.

    Market Compliance

    As part of our comprehensive service, we also provide guidance on meeting compliance standards and dairy regulations in domestic and international markets, alongside your labelling specialist.

    Packing Solutions

    We provide a full supply service to procure cost-effective raw materials, ingredients and packaging. In addition, we can work with your suppliers to any degree to enable highly competitive toll packing options, tailored to your needs.

    Production & Packing

    We have industry leading packing systems for milk and nutritional powders, covering cans and pouches. Our plant operates at high volumes and high speed but does have the flexibility to handle smaller runs as part of new product launches.


    We can ship to your local or international destination, either as exporter or by working with your shipping agent.